Handmade tableware designed especially for Korean food.


Handmade tableware designed especially for Korean food.

handmade ceramic tableware for korean food

For every soup, stew, side dish or any type of delicious Korean food I have designed or will design a specific type of dish. It started with a special kimbap dish and the latest design is a ramyeon bowl. For all the tableware I make I will also prepare the food it is meant for and post recipes so you can try it yourself as well.

Do you want to serve your Korean homemade meals in Big Siggi tableware? You can buy it here:

ramyeon bowl

This bowl was designed to serve your delicious ramyeon (instant noodle soup) in. Notches to put your chopsticks in and two handles to easily carry it when it is filled to the brim with soup.

You can also serve your bibimbap or japchae in this bowl (for the time being, as long as I have not yet designed bowls for these dishes).

Regularly check therecipes page for various yummy ways to pimp your ramyeon.

dumpling dish

This dish is exactly big enough to fit a portion of mandu, korean dumplings. Fried or steamed, both very tasty.

Like many other Big Siggi dishes this cutie has little legs as well..

Regularly check the recipes page to learn how to make your own mandu. It's a tedious job, though absolutely worth the trouble.

baby spice

Gochugaru (red pepper flakes) is a very important ingredient in Korean cuisine. It's used in soups and sauces and is indispensable when making kimchi.

Since not everybody likes spicy food it can't hurt to have a tiny little jar with gochurau on your table so that everyone can give their food as much kick as they like.