Handmade tableware designed especially for Korean cuisine. Made with love for ceramics and Korea.


Handmade tableware designed especially for Korean cuisine. Made with love for ceramics and Korea.

handmade ceramic tableware
for korean food and drinks

for food

For your ramyeon, bibimbap, fried rice, soups and stews and of course all your favourite banchan (side dishes). Even dips and spices have there own small dishes.

for drinks

Whether your drinking soju with friends or you want to brew a nice cup of barley tea, with the Big Siggi cups and tea strainers it beomes just a little more fun.


Recipes, pictures and videos of whatever I cook will appear here whenever I have made something yummy. Adjusted to my laziness and taste.

WHO (누구)

Foto van Lynn van Strien aka Big Beessie

lynn wulffraat-van strien

Born in Seaoul, South-Korea in 1978, adopted to and raised in The Netherlands in 1979, I have always been interested in my birth land. In 2003 I finally visited South-Korea for the first time and I was immediately hooked to the country, the culture and the food. From 2004 to 2007 I lived and worked in Gimhae as an English teacher at a so called 'hagwon', an educational institute for studenst of all ages. I taught toddlers, adults and all ages in between.

After returning to The Netherlands I immediately started missing the food. Back then Korea was not as popular as it is today and good Korean restaurants were scarce, which is why I started cooking Korean food more and more. In 2020, when the pandemic hit us, I had a lot of time on my hands and started desiging and making ceramic tableware for Korean dishes and I am still designing new products to this day.

HOW (어떻게)

Big Siggi tableware is 100% handmade. I use red clay that sinters on a relatively low temperature, which means I can make the tableware waterproof and dishwasher friendly (though if you want to treat your ceremics nicely, wash it by hand).

Some of the tableware is thrown by my husband and adjusted to the desired design afterwards. Since I cannot throw pots I use the handbuilding technique of slabs and basic other handbuilding techniques.

After the design is properly dry I fire it in the kiln on about 950° Celcius. Once it is cooled down I glaze the object with food friendly glaze and fire again on 1200° Celcius.

Since all the objects are handmade every piece is always a bit different from others and therefore quite unique.

Big Siggi Baby Spice making of